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Dr. Gilbert Rochon, MSF Global’s Senior Consultant, will be presenting this week at the 11th International Conference of the African Association of Remote Sensing of the Environment. The event is “designed to harness geospatial technologies to address the post-2015 global development agenda” (more info here). This year’s conference is hosted in Kampala, Uganda with the overarching theme Our Earth, Our Heritage: Harnessing Geospatial Technologies for Sustainable Development in Africa.

Topics throughout the week include:

• Space and Earth Observation Technology for Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)
• UNDP sponsored sub-theme on disaster risk reduction and resilience
• From Climate Change to Climate Risk Management
• Human Capital Development in Geospatial Science – Dr. Rochon will be presenting in this category on Pan-African Biogenic & Anthropogenic Disaster Resilience.
• Big Data and Spatial Data Infrastructure Utility and Management
• Africa’s Space Policy and Strategy: Cost Benefit of Space Technology
• Geospatial Science and Technology for Water and Watershed Management
• Conflict Management, Human Security and Peace
• Cities and Demographic Transitions
• Geospatial Technologies for Energy Management

Who: 700 global delegates including scientists, academicians, practitioners, policy makers, technology developers and experts, and business entities representing the fields of geo-information science, hazard and disaster science, humanitarian assistance, geography, engineering, geology, water, ecology, agriculture, social sciences and space science.

Hotel Africana, Kampala, Uganda

When: October 24th – 28th, 2016

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