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If you’ve heard of Agile development, you’re probably aware that the agile methodology is an extremely powerful way to approach software development.

The basic principles of Agile project management dictate that developers welcome changing requirements, deliver useful software frequently, and work constantly with users and business-end collaborators.

But why is it so useful to adhere to Agile principles? We’ve broken down the top benefits of Agile development practices. These are the reasons we apply Agile methods to all of our projects.

1. Agile Gives You Control Over Change (Not the Other Way Around)

With a constantly changing business environment full of disruption and changing best-practices, the features and functions of industry software are always evolving.

The traditional software development model delivers a product that suits the needs of the industry at the project’s conception. Quarters or years later, the product will do just that: serve the needs of users several quarters or years earlier. On the date of release, the product may be rendered obsolete by industry changes.

Sticking to the principles laid out in the Agile manifesto keep projects in line with the needs of end-users from start to finish. By releasing usable software incrementally, we can respond to user and collaborator feedback actively throughout the development of a project.

2. Consistent Collaboration

As a project evolves through iterations, the important people involved in the project can continue to contribute with invaluable industry insight.

Developers often suffer from tunnel vision in the months or years spent working on a project. The goals of developers and non-developer collaborators diverge. In the end, the software delivered does not align with the goals of the collaborators.

The Agile principles we use keep everybody intimately involved with the project, including CEOs, CIOs, marketing directors, end-users and customers. With consistent feedback on small releases of functioning software, our consistent and structured collaboration standards deliver the most effective product at project’s end.

3. Agile Keeps Developers Focused

Adhering to Agile principles means that our developers focus on a series of short deliverable goals.

Rather than asking a development team to climb Everest, the Agile methodology provides the framework to point our development team to a manageable set of stairs.

Developers don’t feel intimidated or overwhelmed by the magnitude of the end product. They can focus on the next manageable step, regroup and refocus after each small landmark is reached. More importantly, we can use these small pieces of usable software to respond to collaborator feedback as the project continues.

These benefits are just a few of the reasons we insist on Agile development practices in all of our work!

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