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Did you know that apps were downloaded more than 90 billion times in the United States in 2016?

For companies, a great website is only part of the equation to keep up in today’s digital world. Mobile app use has skyrocketed in recent years and users are eager for companies to provide faster, smarter and more meaningful interactions to them on their mobile devices.

Keep in mind these 3 mobile trends when considering mobile technology for your business:

1. Total Time Spent In Apps

Usage has grown by 63% over the last year on Android devices. Further, Flurry Insights has reported that overall app usage grew by 58% on all platforms in 2015.

What this means for your business: While the average usage for all app types is up 58%, productivity apps such as Google Docs, Slack, and custom mobile solutions for businesses grew by more than 130%.

2. Annual Downloads

Apps are reaching huge numbers of people around the globe, with forecasts predicting nearly twice the amount of downloads by 2020 (300 billion).

What this means for your business: One of the most important marketing tools for companies today is the mobile app. Rapid user engagement, push notifications, e-commerce transactions, and more repeat visits – great apps are designed with the customer in mind. 

3. Annual Gross Revenue

Total app revenues are projected to reach an estimated $120 billion by 2020, with third-party Android stores nearly tripling their revenue.

What this means for your business: The mobile economy is growing fast. Online purchases are rapidly moving into the app as consumers spend less time in browsers and more time in apps to connect with companies. Put simply, customers are looking to their phone to engage with your business.

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